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Low Coast, New Band From Gameface’s Jeff Caudill, Announces New Album Details; Premieres Record’s Lead Single

March 23 — Low Coast, the new band from Gameface’s Jeff Caudill, is scheduled to release its debut album this spring.

The album, Existing The Dream, is scheduled for release May 26 through Spartan Records. In anticipation of the album’s release date, the band premiered its lead single, ‘Hard To Believe‘ Thursday.

The new single takes Caudle and his new band mates in a direction that is starkly different from the work that he helped craft as a member of Gameface. Where that band’s music was more in the vein of the melodic punk sounds of Southern California, the new single is more comparable to the works of Wilco, Gin Blossoms, and Death Cab For Cutie. That is evidenced in the harmonies generated through the pairing of the guitars and vocals, and the vocal layering. The distinct semi-emo sound and style exhibited in the arrangement adds just as much to that sense.

According to Caudill, the lyrical theme featured in the album’s lead single is a sociopolitical commentary about the current state of the world.

“We made this record during a really volatile time in history – and the songs reflect that,” Caudill said. “‘Hard To Believe’ is about the growing ideological and political divide in our country. It’s meant to be a song of hope as much as it is an anthem of frustration.”

Audiences who pre-order Low Coast’s debut album now will get an instant grat download of ‘Hard To Believe’ before it is available through any outlet to download. The album’s first pressing will be limited to 300 copies, all of which will be a gold/black/blue swirl pressing.

The album’s track listing is noted below:

“Existing The Dream” Track Listing

1. Hard To Believe

2. I Know We’ll Never Know

3. Out There

4. Everybody Shines

5. Nowhere Else To Go

6. Sandy

7. (I Can’t Wait To) Live in the Moment

8. Irrational Anthem

9. Destination

10. Car Stereo

More information on Low Coast’s new album and single is available along with all of the band’s latest news at