MusicZardonic Drops New Album; Debuts New Order Cover

Zardonic Drops New Album; Debuts New Order Cover


July 14 — Electronic dance music star and producer Zardonic released his latest album, Superstars, this week, and in accordance debuted one more single from the record.

The single in question is a cover of New Order’s hit single, ‘Blue Monday.’ The song is now the fifth single from Zardonic’s new album behind ‘Death by the Bassline,’ ‘Follow Me,‘  ‘Bring The Rukus,’ and ‘Bitter.’ Zardonic’s rendition, which features guest vocals from Reebz.

As with the rendition made famous by Orgy, Zardonic and Reebz’ cover is a rich new take on the classic that actually improves on a song that in its original presentation is already infectious and catchy. The cover stays largely true to its source material while taking Zardonic’s DJ skills and Reebz’s flowing vocals to make this update just as engaging and entertaining as the original and Orgy’s take if not more so.

Zardonic talked about the song in a prepared statement:

“The Blue Monday cover is a bit of an odd one out since it is the only electro / synthwave / industrial track on the record which is mostly comprised of drum & bass,” Zardonic said. “Originally this was commissioned by Kluge Interactive for an exclusive track of their newly released “Synthwave Essentials Vol 3″ DLC Pack for Synth Riders VR. Then I went ahead and sent it to Nathan Quinn from MNRK and asked him if he liked it, to which he immediately responded by sending me a video conference link and started the conversation off with ‘WE GOTTA PUT THAT ON THE ALBUM!’. And I’m glad we worked it out! With the vocal talent of Reebz on top, this bonus track is a perfect connection between all my favorite things. I can’t wait for everyone to check it out!”

The full track listing for Superstars is noted below:

Track Listing:

  1. Bring The Rukus (ft The Surgery & MC Reptile)
  2. Rock And Roll Tonight (ft Carl Sentence)
  3. Neon Rain (ft Toronto Is Broken & Daedric
  4. Follow Me (ft Camo MC)
  5. Rave Until The Apocalypse (ft SHINING)
  6. Death By The Bassline (ft Mechanical Vein)
  7. Corrupted (ft Hevy & Bruno Balanta)
  8. Indestructible (ft Jean Bormann)
  9. Bitter (ft Reebz)
  10. Paradise (ft Blitz Union)
  11. Redemption (ft Omnimar)
  12. Blue Monday (ft Reebz)

In other news Zardonic is in the midst of a series of live dates in support of his new album. The current dates on his schedule are noted below:

See Zardonic on tour:

Aug 5 – Milovice, Czechia

Aug 12 – Jeonju, South Korea

Oct 7 – Paris, France

Nov 10 – Rotterdam, Netherlands

Nov 24 – Prague, Czechia

More information on Zardonic’s new album, single, and tour is available along with all of the band’s latest news at:



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