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The Intemperate Sons Debuts New Single; New Live Dates Planner

March 3 — Independent alt-tock band The Intemperate Sons premiered its latest single this weekend.

The band unveiled its new single, ‘Way Back When‘ Friday. The song is the second single from the band’s forthcoming album, Game of Keep Away, which is expected for release this year through independent label Frame|Work. The album’s exact release date is under consideration.

The band premiered the album’s lead single, ‘Unrealized‘ in January. A video for the single followed the song’s release soon after.

The musical arrangement featured in ‘Way Back When’ is certain to engage audiences with its dual-part 90s rock sound and style. The song’s verses present something of a “poppy” approach and sound akin to works from the likes of Oasis while the verses present a “darker,” heavier Alice in Chains-esque approach and sound. The contrast in sounds and styles works well to help clearly illustrate the story in the song’s lyrical theme.

According to information presented about the song in a news release, its lyrical theme tells the story of someone who has become jaded by the world. In being so jaded, the subject is trying to make sense of the world in its current state.

A video for the band’s new single is scheduled to premiere March 10.

In other news, The Intemperate Sons has a new slate of live performances scheduled. The schedule features one-off shows in March, April, June, and October in California and across Texas. The band’s live schedule is noted below.

The Intemperate Sons Show Dates:

Sat Mar 18 @ Viper Room in West Hollywood, CA
Sat Apr 15 @ Maverick’s Bar & Grill in Arlington, TX
Fri June 2 @ O’Riley’s in Dallas, TX
Sat June 17 @Fireplace Lounge in Dallas, TX
Sat Oct 14 @ Six Springs Tavern (Private Event) in Richardson, TX

The upcoming dates are on the heels of another series of live dates the band held in January, also across Texas.

More information on The Intemperate Sons’ new single, album, and live shows is available along with all of the band’s latest news at: