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Mercy Music Debuts New Album’s Latest Single, Companion Video

April 17 — Mercy Music is giving audiences another preview of its forthcoming album, What You Stand To Lose.

The preview comes in the form of the album’s new single, ‘Suddenly‘ and its companion video, which the band premiered Monday. The premieres came less than a month after the band debuted the album’s lead single, ‘Love You/Need You‘ and the song’s companion video.

The band’s new single is a catchy, up-tempo pop punk composition that is easily comparable to the works of so many of the band’s fellow pop punk counterparts. The harmonies presented in the pairing of the guitar and bass, and the steady time keeping from the drums all come together to make the arrangement so engaging and entertaining while the vocals add their own touch to the whole.

Front man/guitarist Brendan Scholz talked about the song’s lyrical theme in a prepared statement.

“The lyrics kind of sum up my life playing music in that you had better be in it because you love it, because nothing is guaranteed,” Scholz said.

The song’s video somewhat follows that theme as a young man keeps trying to impress a young lady but keeps getting hurt in the process. From being hit by a baseball to even being hit by an SUV, the man’s injuries keep coming, but he keeps trying. In the end, his efforts pay off in a surprise way that audiences will have to find out for themselves.

What You Stand To Lose is Mercy Music’s fourth album It is scheduled for release June 30 through Double Helix Records and SBAM Records.

The track listing for What You Stand To Lose is noted below.

1. Suddenly
2. Love You/Need You
4. Believe in We
5. Undone
6. Fine
7. Watch Me Drown
8. Found Out I’m Useless
9. What’s the Use
10. Total Nightmare
11. Waiting to Begin

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