MusicShallow Side Debuts New Album’s Second Single, Companion Video

Shallow Side Debuts New Album’s Second Single, Companion Video


April 17 — Independent rock band Shallow Side premiered its new single and video over the weekend.

The band unveiled its new single, ‘You’re The Reason‘ and its companion video Friday. The song’s musical arrangement is an easily accessible radio friendly rock song. That is due to its catchy hooks and choruses. The aggro-rock style breakdown adds even more to the song’s engagement and entertainment. The whole of the instrumentation and vocals makes the song comparable to works from the likes of Another Day Dawns.

According to front man Eric Boatright, the song’s lyrical theme centers on the negative emotional and mental impact that others can and often do have on people through their words and actions.

“The saying goes ‘it be your own people,’ Boatright said. “Self progress should only ever be measured by the previous steps it took to achieve reality. During the writing process of this song I discovered a lot of my self worth was placed in the improper hands, which sold all my previous hard earned steps down the river. I never thought I could stop believing and they were the reason for it the whole time.”

Information provided in a news release announcing the premiere of the song and video expands on Boatright’s comments as it states, “Lyrically, the song focuses on an individual who has been manipulated by someone to the point where they no longer recognize themselves..”

The song’s video is a straight forward presentation. It features the band performing its new single in a dimly lit room. The dim lighting is used to help heighten the darker, brooding mood set through the song and its lyrical theme.

‘You’re The Reason’ is the second single from Shallow Side’s forthcoming as yet untitled album. The band premiered the album’s lead single, ‘The Worst Kind‘ in late 2022.

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