Wednesday, June 12, 2024

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Foo Fighters Debuts New Album’s Latest Single, Lyric Video

May 17 — Foo Fighters gave audiences another preview of its forthcoming album, But Here We Are this week.

The band debuted the record’s second single, ‘Under You‘ Wednesday. It followed up the single’s premiere Thursday with the debut of the song’s companion lyric video. The band premiered the album’s lead single, ‘Rescued‘ early this month.

The musical arrangement featured in Foo Fighters’ new single is everything that audiences have come to expect from the band. Between front man Dave Grohl’s familiar vocal sound and delivery style and the equally familiar style presented in the guitar line (and even bass), listeners can easily make comparison to earlier works from the band’s catalog in this composition.

No information was provided about the song’s lyrical them in the press release announcing the single’s premiere. The lyrics presented in the song hint at someone trying to get over the loss of someone close to the song’s subject. In this case, it can easily be inferred that someone is late Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins. The lyrics hint at Grohl’s attempt to cope with Hawkins’ passing. That is just this critic’s interpretation.

In other news, Foo Fighters is scheduled to perform a free livestreaming event known as “Preparing Music For Concerts” at 3 p.m. EDT Sunday through The event features performance by the band, behind-the-scenes and more. The whole thing will broadcast live from the band’s 606 Studios.

Joel Madden, Veeps chief executive officer talked about the upcoming streaming event through a prepared statement.

“Shows like this don’t happen every day, Madden said. “To take this moment to gather fans worldwide, to give people an opportunity to share in the experience no matter where they are, is a gift. Having a place to make these moments accessible is why we built Veeps and we’re honored to be trusted with delivering this incredible show for Foo Fighters and all of their fans,”

Foo Fighters is scheduled to launch a tour in support of its new album May 24 in Gilford, NH. Audiences can view the band’s tour schedule and purchase tickets for shows here.

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