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Low Coast Releases New Album, ‘Existing The Dream’; Debuts Album’s Third Single


May 19 — Low Coast, the new band from Gameface’s Jeff Caudill, dropped its new album, Existing The Dream Friday.

Along with its release the band also premiered another single from the record. ‘Out There’ is the album’s third single behind ‘I Know We’ll Never Know‘ and ‘Hard To Believe‘. The song is the most commercially viable song of the singles released from the album so far. That is evidenced through its bluesy, almost roots rock style and sound. It is far more accessible to mainstream audiences than its predecessor and as a result, fully engaging and entertaining.

According to Caudill, the song’s lyrical theme centers on the all too familiar topic of relationships.

“‘Out There’ is a love song,” Caudill said. “It may not sound like it at first but the sentiment is really sweet. It’s about loving all of your partner’s quirks and imperfections. The riff is fire – burned into my brain. It had been on a constant loop in my head long before it turned into a song. It was one of those things that I just kept playing and the lyrics just sort of presented themselves.”

Existing The Dream‘s track listing is noted below:

“Existing The Dream” Track Listing

1. Hard To Believe

2. I Know We’ll Never Know

3. Out There

4. Everybody Shines

5. Nowhere Else To Go

6. Sandy

7. (I Can’t Wait To) Live in the Moment

8. Irrational Anthem

9. Destination

10. Car Stereo

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