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Lydia Can’t Breathe Debuts New Single, ‘Please Be Over’, Companion Video


May 12 — Independent hard rock band Lydia Can’t Breathe debuted its latest single and video this week.

The band premiered its new single, ‘Please Be Over‘ and its video Friday. The single presents a musical arrangement whose brooding verses and heavier choruses make for an interesting aggro-rock style composition that lends itself easily to comparison to works from the likes of Breaking Benjamin.

The contrast of moods in the song’s verses and choruses makes sense when taking into account, the song’s lyrical theme, which according to information provided about the song, centers on the all too familiar topic of a broken relationship. The information states front man Kyle Bolduc “presented a song basically about the breakup of a couple that has committed unforgivable actions and still love each other but cant stay together.”

The song’s video tells the story laid out in the song’s lyrical content. The couple gets into a number of arguments and things eventually reach a very difficult point, which audiences will be left to discover for themselves.

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