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Cavo Debuts Cover Of New Order’s ‘Bizarre Love Triangle,’ Companion Video


May 12 — Independent rock band Cavo returned this week with a cover of a classic New Order song.

The band premiered its take of New Order’s ‘Bizarre Love Triangle‘ and the song’s companion video Friday. The song is featured in the band’s new covers record, Cavo Cover Vol. 1. The band’s take of New Order’s classic song gives the 80s new wave hit a largely new identity, replacing the electronic elements with a more pop-rock sound a la Gin Blossoms. It actually is (in this critic’s mind) an improvement on the original work.

Cavo drummer Andy Herrin talked about the band’s cover during a recent interview.

“New Order have been one of my favorite bands since I was a kid so when we started talking about songs from the 80s to put our own spin on, I immediately started thinking about one of their songs,” Herrin said. “‘Bizarre Love Triangle’ is obviously a classic song, but to me it’s always represented the writing and live peak of that band, so it felt like one that would be really fun to put the CAVO spin on.”

Herrin continued, “I’ve always felt our band had a similar group effort vibe like New Order with the way each instrument shines in our songs. Whether it’s Brian’s upfront and unique bass lines, Chris’ creative and out of left field guitar parts, or Casey’s unique voice and crafty lyrics, they all come together to make something special and all it’s own. A group effort if you will. 4 people who come together musically and it creates this sound. That’s what I always loved about New Order growing up, and it’s always been something I love about our band as well.”

The band’s video for its cover is a two-part presentation that features live footage of the band on one side. The other side is even more entertaining as it takes audiences back to the 80s, with people jazzercising in the exercise attire of the time, a young lady talking on a vintage phone complete with one of the popular hairstyles of the time, and people even playing the popular arcade games of the day. It is a fully entertaining visualization.

The premiere of Cavo’s new single and video Friday came less than a month after the band debuted its new, original single, ‘The Shakes‘ and its companion lyric video.

More information on Cavo’s new record is available online now along with the band’s latest news and more at: