MusicSom Premieres New EP’s Second Single, Video

Som Premieres New EP’s Second Single, Video


May 25 — Independent rock band Som will release its new EP, Faith Friday through Sonic Ritual.

In anticipation of the four-track record’s release, the band premiered the EP’s second single, a cover of Depeche Mode’s classic hit, ‘Personal Jesus’ and a companion video. The band premiered the video through the online magazine,

The band’s take on the timeless Depeche Mode song is a unique take on the song. Instead of the western vibe established in the original composition, this take on the song is much more goth in its approach and sound, almost akin to something that one might expect from the likes of Type O Negative. The dark, haunting riffs and ethereal vocal delivery makes the song surprisingly engaging and entertaining in its darkness.

‘Personal Jesus’ is just one of the Depeche Mode covers featured in Faith. The entire EP is composed of covers of songs from Depeche Mode, including the EP’s lead single, ‘Enjoy The Silence,’ ‘Policy of Truth’ and ‘Never Let Me Down Again.’

The video for Som’s cover of ‘Personal Jesus’ features imagery, such as pages of content being printed out, fire coming from a barrel and footage of the band’s fans that composes the majority of the video.

More information on Som’s new single and EP is available along with all of the band’s latest news at: