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Godsmack brings their Vibez Tour to Hershey Theater, Hershey, PA – 5/1/24 – Review and Photos by Sharon Sipple

Godsmack brought their “Vibez Tour” to a sold out Hershey Theater in Hershey Pennsylvania on May 1st. Relative newcomer Bastian da Cruz from Aarhus, Denmark opened the evening. Even though the crowd consisted of mostly hard rock fans, they responded to this indie pop’s style. After his performance, Bastian hung out in the lobby greeting fans and taking photos.

The Vibez tour is billed as an intimate evening of acoustic/electric performances and untold stories. For those that have been to a regular Godsmack show, there is usually lots of pyro. If you came expecting that, you would have been disappointed. What you got instead was an incredible night of music and stories, including some amazing covers such as the show opener “Time” by Pink Floyd as we as “No Quarter” (Led Zeppelin) and Metallica’s “Nothing Else Matters”. Lead singer Sully Erna mentioned that they have not done a show like this since 2004. Sully spoke about writing some of the songs and shared his thoughts on what it takes to make people react to music the way they do. Music is more about how it makes you feel vs the sound. Their latest single “Truth”, was the result of Sully breaking up with his girlfriend. The encore was brilliant! “Under Your Scars”, “Bullettproof”, and ending with an incredible cover of The Beatles “Come Together”

Many of you may have noticed the website on the side of the piano. This is a charity organization founded by Sully that helps people with depression and mental illness. If you would like to donate, please visit the website.

After the show, I heard many fans saying this was one of the best shows by any artist that they ever attended. I was curious about why they felt that way. Below is a wonderful quote by Long time fan Lisa Moore that I felt summed it up perfectly. “Being a fan and seeing Godsmack on the big stage, great experience. Seeing them in this venue, SUPERB! Hershey Theater furnished an environment that provided for a different kind of show and musical experience than the norm. This allowed Sully and the band for story telling and conversation that was received as inner most and sincere by their devoted followers. The outcome was genuine vibes that left some with tears in their eyes, others with pure awe. End result, refreshing, motivating and uplifting to hear and feel the music differently than usual. And as Godsmack confidently announced, the performance was going to be up close, personal and intimate. THEY DELIVERED!”

The Vibez Tour wraps on 5/5 in Oxon Hill Maryland. If you missed them on this intimate tour, be sure to catch an upcoming full electric show. Click here for upcoming Godsmack Tour dates

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