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Classless Act Enlists Darryl “DMC” McDaniels For Updated Take Of Its Song, ‘Storm Before The Calm’


L-R: Griffin Tucker, Derek Day, Chuck McKissock, Darryl “DMC” McDaniels (of Run-DMC)
Franco Gravante, Dane Pieper,
Photo Credit: M.Akana

June 23 — Up-and-coming rock band Classless Act premiered an updated take of its song, ‘Storm Before The Calm‘ over the weekend, along with a companion video.

The band premiered the new take on the song, which features a guest appearance by RUN DMC member Darryl “DMC” McDaniels, Friday along with a companion video for the song. The new take on the song is part of the band’s one-year celebration of the release of the band’s debut album, Welcome To The Show.

McDaniels’ appearance, which comes late in the song, is stylistically reminiscent of his performance alongside Pop Evil for the updated take of its song, ‘Trenches.’ McDaniels’ flow is a fitting addition to the update, as is the mood that he sets in his tone as he delivers his verse.

McDaniels said during a recent interview, he was actually somewhat unsure if he would himself live up to the band’s expectations ahead of taking part in the new take.

“I was a little intimated about being invited to collaborate with a new young rock band – my first initial response, I was very curious to see what was going on,” McDaniels said. “But then when I heard them, the presentation, the presence, the production, the performance … it was very mature … I wondered can I fit into this type of energy? … And then I was inspired to deliver something a little more unique.”

He continued, ““It was a beautiful collaboration that shows the powerful potential of music – like when Steven Tyler took the mic stand in ‘Walk This Way’ and knocked down the wall that separated us.  Even to this day, people talk about it. … I think this song too is going to be very motivating and inspiring to all generations.”

Classless Act front man Derek Day said the song’s lyrical theme is meant to be an illustration of everything that it has experienced leading up to its current place in the industry.

“That was really the intent behind the songwriting of ‘Storm Before The Calm,’” Day said. “We’re this new band, but we’ve been playing music our whole lives. We want to be this thunder when we make our presence. But we’ve been trying our whole lives to break through. We’ve gone, we suffered, ‘we’ve crawled into the void, laid down and tasted the noise.’ No matter what, we’re going to come in and punch through and be the thunder.”

The song’s musical arrangement is an infectious pure, guitar rock composition right down to its immersive guitar solo. It is a song that will definitely appeal to any guitar rock purist.

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