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Fences Premieres Video For Its Latest Single, ‘No One’

June 5 — Fences unveiled the video for its latest single over the weekend.

The band, the brainchild of singer/songwriter/guitarist Christopher Mansfield, premiered the video for its single, ‘No One‘ Saturday. The group released the song by itself in late April. The video features Mansfield living among the members of a religious commune of sorts (one could argue the group is almost a cult, of sorts). He reveals that he is leaving the group and moving to Seattle so the group throws a farewell party for him during the video as the song plays over the story.

Mansfield talked about the video’s creation in a prepared statement.

“Arm wrestling wounds and tiny trailer repetitions. Braids and plastic buffalo. It was a very hot day and after being there for only 10 minutes the world seemed to solidify itself,” Mansfield said. “Everyone seemed in character to the degree that I could pass someone I knew personally but now only know them there, in that place alone. It was a joy to make and gave me such a perspective on the importance of a brave visual companion to music.”

The musical arrangement featured in Fences’ new single is a catchy, upbeat composition that presents some influence from the pop music of the 80s while also hinting at similarities to a variety of indie acts from the 90s at the same time. The overall presentation is a work that is certain to entertain and engage audiences.

While the song’s arrangement is upbeat and poppy, Mansfield explained in a recent interview, the song’s lyrical theme is somewhat heavier.

“‘No One’ is a VERY old song,” Mansfield said. “Written when I could fall in love with how a woman rolled a cigarette and a cocaine nose bleed was used to finger paint on a brown grocery bag. In the end, regardless of how relevant the lyrics are to me now in my life is, in fact, irrelevant. Someone else is somewhere else other than me. The song is a gallop that I still resonate with. The tempo is anxious in a way that feels alluring. I’d like to do more songs at this speed.”

‘No One’ is the second single from Fences’ new forthcoming album, Bright Soil, which is currently due out this fall through ENCI Records. It was previously expected for release in August. The album’s lead single, ‘Thin Legs‘ and the song’s video debuted in March.

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