MusicThe Stone Eye Debuts New Single, ‘Not My Circus’

The Stone Eye Debuts New Single, ‘Not My Circus’


March 10 — Independent rock band The Stone Eye is giving audiences another preview of its forthcoming album, Fata Morgana this weekend.

The preview came in the form of the band’s new single, ‘Not My Circus‘ and its companion video. The band debuted the single Friday, more than a month after the group premiered the album’s lead single, ‘Donora‘ and its companion lyric video.

The musical arrangement featured in ‘Not My Circus’ once again exhibits the band’s familiar Alice In Chains-esque vocal styling and guitar work. At the same time, unlike ‘Donora,’ the acoustic guitar work here featured here also lends itself to comparison to works from Days of the New.

No information was provided about the song’s lyrical theme in the press release announcing the single’s premiere. The lyrics provided with the song’s video leave plenty of room for interpretation.

The video is a two-part presentation of sorts. One half of the presentation features the band recording in the studio. The other portion features the story of one of the band members trying to make his way to the studio. He encounters a number of intriguing situations along the way, eventually reaching his destination, but with a twist.

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