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Feral Vices Takes On Religious Institution, Leaders In New Single


June 13 — Independent rock act Feral Vices is bringing renewed attention to the abuses of power practiced by so many religious leaders in its new single.

The band premiered its new single, ‘Lock & Key‘ and the song’s lyric video Tuesday. The band immediately grabs listeners through the song’s musical arrangement with the fuzz of its guitars, layered vocals and equally rich bass line. The whole of the vocals, instrumentation and production therein makes the arrangement comparable to works from the likes of Queens of the Stone Age, Refused, and Jesus Lizard.

As noted, the song’s lyrical theme is a commentary about the abuses of power practiced by so many religious leaders the world over, and front man Alexander Hoagland addressed the topic and how the band tackled the matter in a prepared statement.

“‘Lock & Key’ is about the abusive religious systems that I think a lot of us grew up in where leaders were taking advantage of their positions for money, power, sex, or some combination of those,” Hoagland said. Being in that world, you’re taught that this is a blessing or that is a blessing when in reality you’re being taken advantage of and are forced to experience the evils of it alone because once you start tugging at the strings of that, the whole system falls apart. It’s a very hard and lonely place to be even though you’re surrounded by people and I think that makes it even harder to get out of or acknowledge the reality of. So, this song was my way of talking about that and processing it for myself.”

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