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The Future I Dream Of Debuts New Single, ‘1946,’ Video


June 16 — Independent rock band The Future I Dream Of debuted its latest single this weekend.

The band unveiled its new single, ‘1946‘ and its companion video Friday. The song’s musical arrangement is a composition that will appeal easily to any pop punk aficionado. That is evidenced through its familiar catchy hooks and choruses, and distinct vocal styling. The whole is a presentation that is comparable to works from so many of the band’s contemporaries.

According to a statement from the band, the song’s lyrical theme touches on the topic of coping with loss.

“Lyrically, “1946” is about the ugly and embarrassing part of grieving that you can’t tell anyone,” the statement reads. “The hardest part of moving on and realizing it’s ok if you never do. Remember that the ones you lost will always love you and it is okay to move on when you can. Instrumentally, it is driving and has the backbone of the emotion behind it. This is our new chapter in our music.”

The song’s video is something of a psychedelic style presentation. Audiences can see the band members performing their respective parts to the song throughout the video, but the video effects give the presentation that unique psychedelic effect.

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