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The Stone Eye Premieres Video For New Album’s Fourth Single, ‘T.G.R.’


June 23 — Independent rock band The Stone Eye unveiled the video for its latest single this week.

The band debuted the video for its new single, ‘T.G.R.‘ Friday. ‘T.G.R.’ is the fourth single from the band’s new album, Fata Morgana, which is available now. The band premiered the album’s most recent single, ‘Oogie-Dew‘ and its companion video in late April. Its premiere was preceded by those of two other singles, ‘Not My Circus‘ and ‘Donora,‘ all of which are also included in the album.

The video for the band’s new single is a unique presentation that is, simply put, incomparable to presentations from any other act out there. There is a certain, almost psychedelic aspect to the video, which features one of the band members sitting in his underwear, watching a TV as the song plays over the visualization. As the video progresses, the man befriends a stuffed tiger that comes to life. Things turn rather odd however, as the story continues. Audiences must watch the video to fully appreciate the unique presentation.

The song’s musical arrangement is as unique as its video. It clearly takes influence from Tool (and to a lesser degree, Animals as Leaders) for its body. The thing is that even with the noted influences in play, the song’s arrangement still boasts its own engaging and entertaining body.

No information was provided about the song’s lyrical them in the news release announcing the video’s premiere.

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