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Zack Miranowic Announces New EP Details; Debuts EP’s Lead Single, Video


June 16 — Independent guitarist Zack Miranowic is hoping to release his new EP, Cryin’ Out this year.

The album’s release date and other details are under consideration. In anticipation of the record’s release, Miranowic — who could easily be mistaken for Lamb of God guitarist Mark Morton — premiered the record’s lead single, ‘A Matter of Life and Death‘ and its companion video Friday.

The five-movement song perfectly fits the definition of the term progressive rock. As the song progresses, there is so little repetition. It continues to evolve and grow as the song progresses, exhibiting hints of Tool’s hit single ‘Lateralus’ in its softer moments and influence of the likes of Joe Satriani and Dream Theater in its heavier moments throughout the course of the five-minute opus. The whole is a rich instrumental opus that is one of the most surprisingly enjoyable singles to be release by any act so far this year.

Miranowic said in a statement, the arrangement was a break from style for him, as he was more accustomed to crafting harder content.

“I wanted to do something I’ve never done before,” Miranowic said. “I feel I was able to step outside of my typical hard rock and heavy metal style. Still retaining the core of what I do, I was able to incorporate spacey and ethereal elements that eventually evolve and develop into something big, heavy, and climactic. To me, this is a tune that will take the listener on a progressive and visual journey.”

The journey in question featured in the song’s video is something of a nihilistic presentation, opening with time lapse photography of the night sky. From there the second movement features the grim reaper, a blood moon and people praying along with more footage of the night sky time lapsed. An asteroid is eventually shown in the night sky, falling to Earth, with ever increasing religious imagery As “The Countdown” begins, a clock is shown and the song’s tension rises as eyes and ears turn to the sky. The whole thing ends with the celestial body hitting Earth and destroying the planet.

The visualization is a very nihilistic presentation and no explanation behind the treatment is offered in the news release announcing the premiere of the new single and video. This critic’s own interpretation of the visual is that it is an artistic expression commenting on whether our fates and our lives are really in our hands. It would seem to delve into the curiosity and fear that we have regarding the unknown of our mortality. The people praying, angel statues in the cemeteries and church steeples could perhaps be a commentary of how religious forces are always crowing about the end being near. The use of the sand timer is perhaps a way of saying that time is running out, as a sort of warning to humans in whole. Again this is all just this critic’s interpretation. The whole comes across as a very in-depth rumination on mankind’s existence and future.

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