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Empiires Takes On The Police Classic For Its Latest Single


June 16 — Independent hard rock band Empiires is going back to the future, so to speak, for its latest single.

The band premiered its take of The Police’s classic 1983 single, ‘Wrapped Around Your Finger‘ and the cover’s companion video Thursday. Empiires’ updated take on the classic song stays true, mostly, to its source material but definitely changes things up by giving the song more of a melodic rock approach versus the hybrid reggae/new wave approach that The Police took in their original composition.

Even with the change in style in the updated take, the new rendition still ensures listeners’ engagement and entertainment. What’s more, the sound and style featured in this composition is also a stark contrast from that of the band’s existing singles, ‘Invincible,’ ‘Stronger‘ and ‘Love Or Hate‘. Those songs’ arrangements are all much heavier and more energetic. That is not to say that the band’s take of ‘Wrapped Around Your Finger’ is not energetic in its own right. It is very much an up-tempo piece. The other singles are just much heavier in their approach and sound.

The video that accompanies the band’s new cover is a familiar style presentation. It features the band performing its cover on a sound stage dressed to look like a live stage as the song plays over the simple visualization.

‘Wrapped Around Your Finger’ was originally featured in The Police’s 1983 album, Synchronicity. The band’s fifth album, it was also the trio’s final album. The record also features another of the band’s most timeless singles, ‘Every Breath You Take.’ The album was nominated for five awards at the 1984 Grammys — “Album of the Year,” “Record of the Year (for ‘Every Breath You Take’), “Rock Vocal Group” (for the album), ‘Bes Pop Vocal Group” (for ‘Every Breath You Take’) and “Song of the Year” (for ‘Every Breath You Take’).

The band would go on to win in three of those categories, “Best Pop Vocal Group,” “Best Rock Vocal Group” and “Song of the Year.” On another note, front man Sting took home his own award from the Grammy’s in the category, “Best Rock Instrumental Performance” for ‘Brimstone and Treacle.’

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