MusicBone Dagger Debuts New EP’s Third Single; Announces EP’s...

Bone Dagger Debuts New EP’s Third Single; Announces EP’s Title, Release Date, Cover Art


July 19 — Independent hard rock act Bone Dagger premiered another single from its forthcoming EP, The Veil this week.

The band debuted its new single, ‘Hit & Run‘ Monday. The song is the third single to be released from the record so far, behind ‘Cycle of the Self‘ and ‘Filthy Machine,’ the record’s then most recent single.

The musical arrangement featured in Bone Dagger’s new single is something of a departure for the band in comparison to the already released singles. That is because while the grunge influence of Alice in Chains is still audible throughout the six-minute-plus song, there are also some more notable hard rock leanings that take the band more in a Soundgarden-esque direction and even in a pure hard rock direction at the same time. The whole makes the song just as engaging and entertaining as its counterparts.

No information was provided about the single’s lyrical theme in the press release announcing the debut of the new song. Lyrics were not provide with the song through the band’s YouTube page, either.

Bon Dagger’s new EP, The Veil is scheduled for release Aug. 18. More information on the EP, the band’s new single and all of the band’s latest news is available at: