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Details Announced For ’50s Sci-Fi Flick Re-Issue

June 29 — Three Dimensions Pictures’ 1953 sci-fi flick Robot Monster will get new life on Blu-ray this month.

The movie is scheduled for re-issue on Blu-ray and DVD July 25 through BayView Entertainment. The re-issue, which will feature the movie in its original 3-D presentation and standard 2-D presentation, is in celebration of the 70th anniversary of the movie’s original release.

The movie’s story centers on a beast from the moon called Ro-man (played by George Barrows — Frankenstein’s DaughterMesa of Lost WomenThe Magical World of Disney — and voiced by John Brown — Strangers on a TrainThe Burns and Allen ShowHans Christian Andersen). The alien being is pursuing the last family to survive a global catastrophe that has wiped out the rest of the humans on Earth. The problem is that in its pursuit of the family (which was order by Ro-man’s superior, the pitiless Great Guidance) the being falls in love with Alice (Claudia Barrett — Public DefenderRustlers on HorsebackScience Fiction Theatre) one of the family members and essentially kidnaps her. So it is up to Roy (George Nader — Sins of JezebelNowhere To GoZig Zag) to save Alice from the Ro-man’s clutches.

Robot Monster was filmed in less than a week on location in Bronson Canyon, a former rock quarry in Los Angeles, California. The movie’s forthcoming re-issue will feature a handful of extras, such as the movie’s original prologue, “Stardust In Your Eyes,” Memories of a Popped-Out Pinwheel, a discussion by Greg Moffett on filming the movie on location, and “Rescuing Ro-man,” which follows the process to restore the movie’s original 35-mm print.

The full information on the movie’s bonus content is noted below:


  • STARDUST IN YOUR EYES (1953) – Robot Monster’s original prologue starring Slick Slaven aka Trustin Howard. New 4K scan from the left/right 35mm master positives.
  • MEMORIES OF A POOPED-OUT PINWHEEL (2022) – Greg Moffett shares his personal recollections of filming on location over a period of four days in March 1953.
  • TRAVELS THROUGH TIME & SPACE (2023) – Newly curated vintage slide presentation from Stereoscopic Anthropologist, Hillary Hess
  • ADVENTURES IN 3-D (1953) – Newly restored Golden Age 3-D Comic Book, presented in association with Carl Scheckel at Carl’s Comix.
  • Plus additional trailers, vintage shorts, and a restoration demo!


  • SAVING SLICK (2023) – Sean Thrunk’s new documentary short explains how 1950’s nightclub comedian Slick Slaven is reminded of his long-forgotten act and identity when his lost 3-D film is revived in 2003.
  • JOE DANTE, TRAILERS FROM HELL (2013) – 1956 MONSTER FROM MARS reissue trailer hosted by Joe Dante, courtesy of Trailers from Hell
  • MISTAKES & INNOVATIONS (2023) – Bob Furmanek describes the original day-for-night footage and Phil Tucker’s innovative use of “Double Film” aka “3-D Blinkey.”
  • RESCUING RO-MAN (2023) – This documentary short by filmmaker Sean Thrunk tells how an accidental discovery of two forgotten 35mm prints in 1990 saved the only complete 3-D footage.
  • FEATURE COMMENTARY TRACK (2022) with Greg Moffett, Mike Ballew, Eric Kurland and Lawrence Kaufman.
  • WAS I A MAN (2022) – New song by The Other Favorites, aka Josh Turner and Carson McKee, played during the post-feature restoration credits and memorabilia gallery.
  • MEMORABILIA GALLERY (2023) – Created by Charles Barnard with original newspaper ads, posters, lobbycards and publicity photographs.
  • BELA LUGOSI – YOU ASKED FOR IT (July 27, 1953) – Appearance on live television, newly restored.

The movie’s original trailer is streaming here.

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