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Horizon Theory Debuts Its Latest Single, ‘Astronomer,’ Companion Video

July 28 — Independent rock band Horizon Theory kicked off the weekend by premiering its latest single and video.

The band debuted its new single, ‘Astronomer‘ and the song’s video Friday. The premiere came more than two months after the band presented its then latest single, ‘December‘ and the song’s companion video.

As with ‘December,’ Horizon Theory’s latest single tackles the topic of mental health in its lyrical content, as explained by the band in a prepared statement.

“Astronomer” is metaphorical, the loneliness you can feel even on earth with billions of other people and constantly looking for something more in life. Relationship issues, financial struggles, drug addiction, can lead to an extreme feeling of loneliness and depression. With this song we wanted to express these feelings that so many have.”

The musical arrangement featured in ‘Astronomer’ is a heavy composition. The guitars and vocals give the song a sound that borders on death metal but also features clear industrial leanings at the same time.

The song’s video is its own interesting presentation. It features the band performing its new single on a sound stage that is designed to look like a semi-futuristic almost quarantine type setting. It conjures thoughts of videos from the likes or Orgy and Spineshank. Meanwhile the story’s main character faces the loss of his loved one and fighting his various addictions. All of this plays out as the song plays over the collective visualization.

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