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The Veer Union Tackles Billie Eilish Song For Its Latest Single


Aug. 11 — The Veer Union is scheduled to release its new compilation record, Covers Collection Vol. 2 next month.

The record is slated for release Sept. 1 through the band’s own label, Rock Shop Records. In anticipation of its release the band premiered its cover of Billie Eilish’s ‘You Should See Me In A Crown‘ this past May, along with its companion video.

The band’s take on Eilish’s song does stay true to its source material, but takes the originally bass heavy composition in a much heavier direction. The intensity of the guitars and the guttural screams in the choruses make the cover unlike anything the band has crafted to date. Gone are the melodic hard rock sounds of the band’s existing catalog here. They are replaced by some extremely heavy aggro-rock that borders on death metal at times.

The band talked at length about the band’s take of the song in a prepared statement:

“At the core of our artistic journey lies a relentless pursuit of versatility,” the statement reads. “Our constant drive to push the boundaries, not only for ourselves but also for those who support us, is deeply ingrained in our approach. When we decided to take on Billie Eilish’s ‘You Should See Me In A Crown,’ we knew we were venturing into the shadows of a truly dark and track. Billie’s unique vocal delivery posed a challenge we couldn’t replicate, leading us to embrace the darkness and craft our own rendition. As a result, this cover became the heaviest track we have ever released.”

The band continued, “Collaborating with our good friend and label mate, Jody Black, was an absolute pleasure, and his contributions enriched the entire experience, making it a moment of collaborative unity that we will forever cherish.”

The band’s video for its cover is a straight forward presentation. The band, along with Black, performs the cover in front of a video screen as the song plays over the visualization. The video screen presents what is meant to either be fire or blood.

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