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P.O.D. Debuts Video For New Single, ‘Drop’

Sept. 21 — Veteran rock outfit Payable On Death (P.O.D.) premiered the video for its new single, ‘Drop’ this week.

The band debuted the new single’s video Thursday. It should be noted up front that the flashing imagery used throughout the video could be problematic for any viewer who is prone to epileptic seizures, so viewer discretion is advised if only for that reason. The video features the band performing its new single on a sound stage designed to look somewhat like an alleyway. Lamb of God front man Randy Blythe, who provides a guest appearance for the song, also appears in the video, delivering his lines.

The song’s musical arrangement is some of the heaviest musical work that the band has crafted to date, as is evidenced in the decidedly hard metal leanings in the song’s chorus. The sound and style in the verses is the exact opposite with its more contemplative approach and sound. The juxtaposition of the two sections makes the whole quite the unique new presentation from P.O.D.

No information was provided in the news release announcing the premiere of the new video, explaining the song’s lyrical theme. From what can be understood in the song, the theme can be inferred to center on the matter of being careful what one says and/or does because it can and will come back to haunt a person.

P.O.D.’s new video and single are its first since the release of its album Circles in 2018. The band re-issued its 2001 album, Satellite in 2021 through Atlantic and Rhino Records.

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