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Semisonic Premieres New Album’s Fourth Single

Sept. 12 — Semisonic gave audiences their latest preview of its forthcoming album, Little Bit of Sun this week.

The preview came Tuesday in the form of the album’s new single, ‘Out Of The Dirt.’ The song’s premiere comes just over a month after the band debuted the album’s lead single, ‘The Rope‘ and the song’s companion video. The musical arrangement featured in the new single is a catchy, mid-tempo composition that has an infectious blues-based sound and style that also hints at some vintage southern rock subtly infused into the work.

Front man Dan Wilson talked about how the song’s arrangement was born in a prepared statement:

“I wrote ‘Out of the Dirt’ with the amazing Lori McKenna,” Wilson said. “I told Lori I was hoping to make something with a stomping beat and a hypnotic, mesmerizing lyrical chant. The result was even more stomping and mesmeric than I had hoped. The track is pretty simple, just me on the piano, John on fretless bass and Jake on drums. As we were cutting the track, everyone agreed  it needed some hot lead guitar. But instead of adding a guitar of my own later, we reached out to Jason Isbell to see if he wanted to throw down. The answer was yes (what a day!) and the results speak for themselves: Jason fucking rocks, as we already knew.”

The song features a guest appearance by Jason Isbell, who is just one of the guest stars who appear on the record. My Morning Jacket front man Jim James is also featured in the record.

No information about the song’s lyrical theme was provided in the news release announcing the single’s premiere.

Little Bit of Sun is scheduled for release Nov. 3. ‘Out of the Dirt’ is the album’s fourth single behind ‘The Rope,‘ ‘Grow Your Own‘ and the album’s title track.

Little Bit Of Sun is Semisonic’s first new music since the release of its EP, You’re Not Alone in 2020 and its first album since the release of its 2001 album, All About Chemistry. The track listing for Little Bit of Sun is noted below:

Little Bit Of Sun tracklist:

1) Little Bit of Sun

2) The Rope

3) Grow Your Own

4) Don’t Fade Away

5) Keep Me In Motion

6) All The Time

7) If You Say So

8) Out of the Dirt

9) It Wasn’t Like We Hoped It Would Be

10) So Amazed

11) Only Empathy

12) Beautiful Sky

More information on Semisonic’s new single and album is available along with all of the band’s latest news at: