MusicZack Miranowick Debuts New EP’s Third Single, Video

Zack Miranowick Debuts New EP’s Third Single, Video


Sept. 8 — Independent guitarist Zack Miranowic presented the latest single from his forthcoming EP this week.

Miranowic premiered his new single, ‘Live Again‘ Friday, along with the song’s companion video. The song is the third single from Miranowic’s forthcoming EP, Cryin’ Out. The record, whose release date is under consideration, most recently produced the single, ‘Seems Like Yesterday‘ and its companion video in July. Miranowic debuted the record’s lead single, ‘A Matter of Life and Death‘ and its companion video in June.

As with ‘Seems Like Yesterday,’ the vocal presentation in this latest single once again makes easy, comparison to the dual vocal styling made so familiar by Alice in Chains. The somewhat southern rock tinge featured in the song’s instrumentation also lends itself to such comparison. More specifically, it lends itself to comparison to works from the band’s self-titled 1995 album. However it still manages to hold its own identity separate from that album’s works even with the comparison in mind.

According to Miranowic, the song’s lyrical theme is one of perseverance and overcoming adversity in life, in its own fashion.

“‘Live Again’ is a song about recovery and redemption,” Miranowic said in a prepared statement. “Sometimes in life you experience all-time lows that you feel you will never be able to rebound from. Over time, you find ways to cope and eventually pull yourself out of your own darkness. You are sure to hit some bumps along the way, and it’s up to you on if you want to pull through it or not. You can spend your time focusing on the negatives or you can learn from it and come back stronger than before.”

The new single’s video, which was helmed by Miranowic, serves well to illustrate the noted message what with its artistic presentation. It features Miranowic performing his new single against a black background as the song plays over the visual. At the same time, contrasting images shown throughout the video serve artistically to help illustrate the differing mindsets we all experience in that ongoing battle with our inner selves. The images include visuals such as a road winding through a forest, a gently flowing river, a blooming flower, and the grim reaper, as well as a cemetery. The overall visual does well to help drive home the song’s lyrical message while also enhancing the overall song’s emotional impact.

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