Saturday, July 20, 2024

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Livekill Announces New Album, Live Details; Releases New Single, Video

Apr. 26 — Independent metal act LiveKill is set to release its new album, Evil Ecstasy this year.

In anticipation of its release the band recently premiered the album’s latest single, ‘Crushing Blows,’ and the song’s companion video. The song’s musical arrangement is an intense death metal style composition whose growling vocals and crunching guitars exhibit influence from the likes of Whitechapel, Suffocation, and to a slightly lesser degree, Obituary.

According to a prepared statement from guitarist and founding member John Snell, the song’s lyrical theme takes on the familiar topic of mental health in a manner of speaking.

“‘Crushing Blows’ relates to endless feelings of sorrow,” the statement reads. “Anyone who has had something affect them in a negative way, or feels like they just can’t catch a break, this songs touches on those emotions. This track was a blast to write, it has all the parts in a metal song that are really fun to play. It gets stronger as the song progresses right to the end. This is one of my top songs to play live.”

According to information provided in the news release announcing the information about the band’s new album, single and video, the video for the new single was recorded during a recent hometown concert hosted by the band in South Florida. In related news, the band is also scheduled to perform live at the 2024 Capulet Fest at Thompson Speedway in Thompson, CT.

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