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Wage War Premieres ‘Manic’ Video

Oct. 1 — Wage War’s new album, Manic is now available. In celebration of the album’s release, the band premiered the video for the album’s title track, Friday. The song is the album’s fourth single, behind ‘Teeth,’ ‘High Horse,’ and ‘Circle the Drain.’ The video features vocalist Briton Bond in an apartment, singing his …

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Wage War’s Latest LP Continues To Cement The Band’s Place In the Metalcore, Metal, And Hard Rock Communities

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade.  Everybody knows that old adage about making the best of a bad situation.  It is an adage that the members of Wage War followed (like so many other musical acts) last year when the COVID-19 pandemic forced the band off the road.  …

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