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Atmosphere Debuts Video For New Album’s Lead Single

Feb. 22 — Rap duo Atmosphere is set to release its latest album this spring, and anticipation, released the vide for the album’s lead single this week.

The band premiered the video for its new single, ‘Okay’ Wednesday. The song is the lead single from the band’s forthcoming album, So Many Other Realities Exist Simultaneously, which is scheduled for release May 5 through Rhymesayers Entertainment.

The musical arrangement featured in the duo’s new single is a light, almost saccharine composition. The mood that it establishes alongside the song’s lyrical theme is sure to easily tug at listeners’ heart strings. That is evidenced through the subtle use of the keyboard line and the old school hip-hop beat that compliments that element of the song.

No information was provided about the song’s lyrical theme in the news release announcing the debut of the new song and its video. In listening to the song though, the theme seems relatively obvious. It comes across as being a commentary reminding people that life will be okay even in difficult times. If in fact that is the case, then this message will certainly resonate with listeners, especially — again — when paired with the song’s musical arrangement.

The video for ‘Okay’ is interesting in its own right. It features the song’s main character going through life each day, seeing all of the craziness around him, but not letting it all get to him. The surprise ending though, is certain to leave listeners talking.

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