MusicRiley’s L.A. Guns Debuts New Album’s Second Single

Riley’s L.A. Guns Debuts New Album’s Second Single


Feb. 17 — Steve Riley’s L.A. Guns lineup, formally known as Riley’s L.A. Guns, is scheduled to release its latest album, Dark Horse this year, and in anticipation, released another single from the album over the weekend.

The band debuted the album’s new single, ‘Rewind‘ Friday. The song’s premiere Friday came three months after the release of the album’s lead single, ‘Overdrive.’ The musical arrangements between the two singles are unique from one another, with ‘Rewind’ presenting a two-part arrangement. The song’s verses are subtle and contemplative in nature while the choruses have more punch and energy about them. The whole makes for a notable contrast in terms of sound and style to the arrangement in ‘Overdrive’ that is certain to keep listeners just as engaged and entertained as that song.

The lyrical theme featured in ‘Rewind’ takes on the all too familiar topic of a broken relationship, according to bassist Kelly Nickels.

“This track is about how something so sweet can turn so sour,” Nickels said.

Information in the news release announcing the single’s premiere adds to the discussion. It notes the theme centers on the feeling that one wishes one could rewind time as a relationship progresses and not so good revelations are made about one’s partner.

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