MusicRaze Premieres New Single, ‘Pyrography’, Companion Video

Raze Premieres New Single, ‘Pyrography’, Companion Video


March 31 — Independent hard rock act Raze is giving audiences a new preview of its forthcoming album, Pyrography.

The preview came Friday in the form of the album’s title track and its video. The song is available to stream and download. The song’s musical arrangement is a heavy, brooding composition whose vocals and instrumentation immediately lend the song to comparison to so many works from Tool. At the same time, the melodic hard rock leaning that is just as present makes for an interesting juxtaposition and, in turn, balance. The whole makes the song a presentation that is certain to keep listeners engaged and entertained.

According to front man Louis Dunham, the song’s lyrical theme centers on the topic of musical creation through sheer emotion.

“The concept of pyrography, I think, perfectly encompasses what we’ve tried to create with this album,” Dunham said. “The idea of making art with fire – we’ve taken a lot of strong emotion; be it desire, anger or angst, and channeled it every step of the way into creating this music.”

The video for the band’s new single is a straight forward presentation. It features the band performing its new single on a sound stage. A hooded, unidentified figure stands behind the band, using fire-laden tools to “dance” as the band performs its new single.

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