MusicJag Panzer Debuts New Album’s Third Single, Lyric Video

Jag Panzer Debuts New Album’s Third Single, Lyric Video


May 19 — Veteran hard rock outfit Jag Panzer opened the weekend with the debut of another single from its forthcoming album, The Hallowed.

The band debuted the new single, ‘Edge of a Knife‘ and its companion lyric video Friday. As with the single’s predecessors — ‘Stronger Than You Know‘ and ‘Onward We Toil‘ — this composition is another full-on power metal opus. the powerhouse operatic vocals, the screaming guitars, all of it is pure power metal at its finest.

The song itself is, lyrically another piece that lifts from the band’s comic book, The Hallowed. Interestingly, while the song’s lyrical content lifts from the comic book, the overall theme actually presents what comes across as an accessible theme of teamwork, perseverance and unity. It is a theme that is certain to resonate with listeners.

The lyric video for the new single is a simple presentation. It features the band’s new record on vinyl playing on a record player while the lyrics are presented in a box off to the lower side of the visual. The song plays over the visualization.

The Hallowed is scheduled for release June 23 through Atomic Fire Records. Audiences who pre-order Jag Panzer’s new album now will receive an instant grat download of the album’s lead single. The record’s track listing is noted below:

The Hallowed Track Listing:

1. Bound As One

2. Prey

3. Ties That Bind

4. Stronger Than You Know

5. Onward We Toil

6. Edge Of A Knife

7. Dark Descent

8. Weather The Storm

9. Renewed Flame

10. Last Rites

Jag Panzer premiered a “Making of” documentary for the album in April. The documentary, “Tales From The Hallowed”, is streaming now.