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Royal Bliss Partners With Citizen Soldier For New Single; New Album Coming Next Week; Tour To Launch Friday


March 30 — Royal Bliss premiered a brand new single this month, along with the song’s companion lyric video.

The band partnered with fellow rock act Citizen Soldier for the new single, ‘Through Hell‘ last week. The standalone single’s release comes on the hells of the premieres of two other singles from the band — ‘Medication‘ and ‘Black Rhino‘ — which will be featured in the band’s upcoming sixth album, Survival. The album is scheduled for release April 7.

The musical arrangement featured in ‘Through Hell’ stands separate from those of the aforementioned singles. It is a melodic rock opus that is easily comparable to works from so many of the band’s equally well-known mainstream counterparts, such as Hinder and Nickelback and Theory of a Deadman.

By comparison, the arrangement featured in ‘Medication’ is a southern rock style composition that is honestly just as accessible in its own right. The arrangement featured in ‘Black Rhino’ meanwhile is a more fiery, energetic work that is a more pure rock work. Keeping that in mind, the band’s new standalone single boasts its own identity from the singles that it has released in support of Survival that is just as engaging and entertaining as those songs.

The lyric video for the band’s new single is a straight forward presentation. It features the band in front of a CG-imposed wall of fire as the band performs the new single. At points in the video, there is imagery such as a boxer and a wall being broken to help illustrate the message in the song’s lyrical theme.

Speaking of the song’s lyrical theme, its message centers on the topic of getting through all of the negative that life throws at us, according to Royal Bliss Front man Neal Middleton.

“‘Through Hell’ will be the anthem for those who have survived trauma and struggle,” Middleton said. “We all have been through some sort of hell, and this song will help people to know, they are not alone. It’s a common bond so many of us share.”

In other news, Royal Bliss is touring in support of Survival. The band is scheduled to be in Las Vegas, NV. The band’s tour schedule is set to run through July 14 in Grand Rapids, MI and includes performances in cities, such as Bloomington, IL; Billings, MT and Hildale, UT. Tickets and dates are available here.

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