Music“Stretch” Unveils Video For Debut Single, ‘Flavortown’

“Stretch” Unveils Video For Debut Single, ‘Flavortown’


March 22 — Singer-songwriter and entrepreneur “Stretch” premiered the video for his debut single this week.

The founder of the Grinders By Stretch restaurant chain, known formally as Jeffrey Rumaner, premiered the video for his new single, ‘Flavortown‘ Monday. The video features Rumaner on stage alongside members of the independent rock band Black Oxygen as the collective performs the new single together in front of a packed house. No information was provided about when and where the performance was captured in the news release announcing the video’s premiere.

The musical arrangement featured in the new single is a fun, catchy composition. It boasts a clear classic rock influence while also exhibiting a subtle punk sensibility at the same time. The whole makes the song surprisingly engaging and entertaining.

The song’s lyrical theme is pretty straight forward, as it celebrates enjoying all the fine foods out there available to consumers. On the surface, one can’t help but think about “Weird” Al Yankovic in listening to this theme, considering it is all about food, but it really is an original song. At one point, Rumaner even encourages the audience to bypass all of the chain restaurants out there (ironically) and patronize the locally-owned and operated restaurants and businesses that are at the heart of every American town. It is ironic considering he is the owner of a chain of restaurants.

Rumaner has appeared on Food Network alongside Guy Fieri on his program, Diners, Drive-Ins and DivesGuy’s Grocery Games, and Guy’s Big Bite, and on Food Network’s Big Bad BBQ Brawl and Cutthroat Kitchen. He has also appeared on Travel Channel’s Pizza Paradise and Man vs. Food, Spike TV’s Bar Rescue, Animal Planet’s Eating The Enemy, Discovery Channel’s Monster House, Destination America’s BBQ Pitmasters, PBS’ BBQ With Franklin and ABC’s Extreme MakeoverHome Edition.

Along with appearing alongside Fieri on television, Rumaner has also toured alongside Fieri on the nationwide Foodapalooza Roadshow and the South Beach Wine and Food Festival.

Additionally, Rumaner is part of a group of celebrity chefs known as Messlords that entertains and feeds America’s military forces worldwide.

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