MusicWhitehall Announces New Album Details; Debuts New Single

Whitehall Announces New Album Details; Debuts New Single


March 10 — Independent alt-rock outfit Whitehall is scheduled to release its new album, Maizy this spring through ENCI Records.

The album will be the band’s debut for the label and third overall album. In addition, it will be the band’s fourth studio recording behind its 2022 EP, Garden Song. In anticipation of the new album’s release, Whitehall debuted the record’s lead single, ‘Pull‘ Friday.

The musical arrangement featured in the band’s new single is a steady, mid-tempo composition whose overall instrumentation presents a well-balanced somewhat poppy style approach and sound. Perhaps most interesting here is the vocal sound and delivery style of front man Paddy McKiernan. His vocal sound and delivery style actually lends itself to comparison to that of the late, great Kurt Cobain.

Maybe that is due to the song’s production. Maybe it is just how he sings, but the comparison is there while still maintaining its own identity in its own right. That element, together with the instrumentation, makes the overall arrangement uniquely engaging and entertaining.

According to a statement from the band, the lyrical theme featured in ‘Pull’ is just as unique as the song’s musical arrangement.

“‘Pull’ represents a time when everyday stresses manifested into anxiety-driven dreams with a common theme of being torn between multiple directions,” the statement reads.

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