MusicSabaton Drops New EP; Debuts New Single, Video

Sabaton Drops New EP; Debuts New Single, Video


April 14 — Veteran power metal band Sabaton released its new EP Friday.

The seven-song record, Stories from the Western Front, lifts from three of the band’s albums for its body — its latest album, The War to End All Wars (2022), The Great War (2019) and The Art of War (2008). The record is the finale in Sabaton’s Echoes of the Great War trilogy and also includes a cover of Motorhead’s ‘1916,’ the title track from the band’s 1991 album by the same name.

Sabaton’s take on Motorhead’s already moving song builds on the emotional depth of the original with its trademark power metal approach while also keeping the arrangement so subdued. The use of the snare and slow, steady bass drum alongside the string arrangement and layered vocals plays largely into the emotional impact of the cover.

Even as the guitars come into the composition, Sabaton’s members still maintain the song’s subdued, solemn approach to give it so much power in its simplicity. It makes the song comparable to works from the likes of Sabaton’s power metal counterparts in Manowar.

Fittingly, the surviving members of Motorhead join Sabaton in the song’s video, marching through the streets of wartime London, carrying a picture of the late great Lemmy Kilmister. The video also features the “ghosts” of the young men who fought for freedom during World War I on the front lines as the song plays over the whole. The combination of the video and emotionally powerful musical arrangement will leave not a single eye dry by the presentation’s end.

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