Thursday, July 18, 2024

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Silent Skies Debuts Linkin Park Cover, Companion Video

April 17 — Silent Skies, the side project of Evergrey front man Tom S. Englund and pianist/composer Vikram Shankar (who are also members of the prog-metal band Redemption), is renewing interest from a classic Linkin Park song.

The duo premiered its take of Linkin Park’s hit song, ‘Numb‘ Monday, along with the song’s companion visualizer. The song is featured in the duo’s most recent studio recording, Nectar.

The duo’s take on Linkin Park’s song stays true to its source material while also making it even heavier in its deeply emotional approach to the song. The simplicity of the keyboard line alongside Englund’s vocals and the string arrangements makes the song a work that takes the original to a whole new emotionally hard hitting level.

Englund and Shankar talked at length about their take on LInkin Park’s song, saying in part, “This is our contribution to honor the legacy of Linkin Park and to celebrate the beauty and power of music. For in these troubled times, it is the one thing that can still bring us together, that can still lift us up and carry us forward towards a brighter tomorrow.”

The duo added, “In a world that often seems to delight in tearing us down, this song is a beacon of hope, a reminder that we are stronger than we think. Our arrangement seeks to amplify this message, to imbue it with the full force of emotion and meaning that it deserves. For when we connect through music, we tap into something deeper, something that transcends time and space and unites us all.”

The visualizer for the duo’s cover adds its own emotional depth to the song with imagery, such as a person covering his face behind bars. Fire fills the person, clearly illustrating a sense of feeling confined and burning up inside, emotionally. Another image — a person walking down a tunnel of sorts — also helps to illustrate that message of an emotional journey.

More information on Silent Skies’ take on ‘Numb’ and the duo’s album is available along with all of the pair’s latest news at: