MusicDevildriver Debuts New Single, ‘This Relationship, Broken,’ Companion Video

Devildriver Debuts New Single, ‘This Relationship, Broken,’ Companion Video


May 10 — Devildriver is giving audiences yet another taste of its new album, Dealing With Demons II.

The band premiered the record’s latest single, ‘This Relationship, Broken‘ and the song’s companion video Wednesday. The song’s musical arrangement is a rich, driving groove metal composition that stands on its own separate from the record’s other singles, ‘If Blood Is Life‘ and ‘Through The Depths’. There is something more direct in the sound and style of this composition that really sets it apart from those songs. Between front man Dez Fafara’s almost hardcore style vocals and the really fine tuned, sharp guitar riffs, the song really is a unique new representation of the band’s new album, which is available now.

According to Fafara, the song’s lyrical theme takes on a familiar topic.

“’This Relationship, Broken’ explores the severance that happens between two long time partners when they leave each other after years of turmoil,” Fafara said.

The video for Devildriver’s new single is a two-part presentation. In one part of the video, the band is shown on a sound stage performing its new single as lights flash. It should be noted the flashing lights in this portion of the video could potentially cause problems for any viewer prone to epileptic seizures. The other half of the video features couples fighting and eventually ending their relationships.

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