MusicFinger Eleven Debuts Video For New Single, ‘Together Right’

Finger Eleven Debuts Video For New Single, ‘Together Right’


May 10 — Finger Eleven debuted the video for its latest single this week.

The band premiered the video for its new single, ‘Together Right‘, Wednesday. The song is featured in the band’s forthcoming hits collection, Greatest Hits, which is scheduled for release June 16 through Craft Recordings. A vinyl release for Greatest Hits is scheduled for Aug. 25.

The video for the new single takes place in an empty factory setting. A group of workers, each in the same kind of blue jumpsuit, dance and clap in time as the band — also in the factory — performs its new single. The band members are also clad in the same jumpsuit as the workers.

Guitarist James Black explained the concept behind the video.

“The video takes place in a world where everything is the same,” Black said. ““Efficiency and conformity are mistaken for unity. But real connection, between two people, is WAY more powerful than people idly following a routine.”

Martin Klapperbein directed the new video and said a well-known piece of literature was part of the inspiration for the video’s treatment.

Shooting the music video was an unforgettable experience…,” Klapperbein said. “Drawing inspiration from the film adaptation of George Orwell’s dystopian novel, 1984, we created a cohesive design that beautifully showcased the choreography through the wardrobe, color tones, titles, and casting choices. This project was definitely a group effort, and I’m so grateful to have worked with such a dedicated and talented cast and crew.”

Front man Scott Anderson said in a prepared statement, the song’s lyrical theme is a call to unity of sorts.

“It’s about the bonds between people and how far that bond can extend before it’s broken,” Anderson said. “The song has an optimistic-sounding chorus but it’s really a desperate plea from one party to another asking please stick around, let’s go down with this ship together.”

The band’s new single is a catchy, upbeat composition that is an easy fit for any active rock radio programmer’s daily play list. The approach that the band took to the song, stylistically, and the general sound is very much akin to the band’s hit 2007 single, ‘Paralyzer.’ The two songs are not exactly the same, but definitely are close in sound and style. Thankfully even with the similarities in mind, more recent of the pair still holds its own infectious identity that listeners will appreciate.

The full track listing for Greatest Hits is noted below:

Finger Eleven – Greatest Hits tracklist (Vinyl)

Side A:

1.      Good Times

2.      Paralyzer

3.      Together Right

4.      Living In A Dream

5.      I’ll Keep Your Memory Vague

6.      One Thing

Side B:

1.      Above

2.      First Time

3.      Falling On

4.      Slow Chemical

5.      Drag You Down

6.      Welcome To the Machine

Finger Eleven – Greatest Hits tracklist (CD/Digital)

1.      Good Times

2.      Paralyzer

3.      Together Right

4.      Living In A Dream

5.      I’ll Keep Your Memory Vague

6.      One Thing

7.      Above

8.      First Time

9.      Falling On

10.   Slow Chemical

11.   Drag You Down

12.   Welcome To The Machine

More information on the forthcoming collection is available along with all of Finger Eleven’s news at: