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Fire From The Gods Releases New EP; Debuts New Single, ‘Be Free (acoustic), Video


May 19 — Fire From The Gods released its new four-song EP, Soul Revolution: Acoustic Vibes Friday.

In celebration of its release, the band also premiered one of the record’s songs, an acoustic take of its song, ‘Be Free’ and a video to boot. The acoustic take of ‘Be Free’ is an even more emotional take on the song than its source material, what with the original song being a heavy, melodic hard rock song very much in the vein of works from Sevendust. The acoustic take adds so much emotional depth to the song what with its simple, acoustic approach and string arrangement.

No doubt it will bring countless listeners to tears of joy with its musical arrangement coupled with its uplifting lyrical message of letting go of the past and being emotionally free. Considering the emotional impact of this song’s musical and lyrical content, it is right up there with the likes of Bloodywood’s ‘Jee Veerey‘.

The video for the song’s acoustic take is composed of footage recorded by the band’s fans and footage of the band on the road. The song plays over the visual as it plays out.

Soul Revolution: Acoustic Vibes is a collection of four songs taken from the band’s 2022 album, Soul Revolution. The track listing for Fire From The Gods’ new EP is noted below:

Soul Revolution: Acoustic Vibes Track Listing:

  1. Soul Revolution (Acoustic)
  2. Thousand Lifetimes (Acoustic)
  3. World So Cold (Acoustic)
  4. Be Free (acoustic)

More information on Fire From The Gods’ new EP, single, and video is available along with all of the band’s latest news at: