MusicSaul Debuts New Album’s Second Single, Video

Saul Debuts New Album’s Second Single, Video


June 8 — Hard rock band Saul is giving audiences a new preview of its latest album.

The band debuted its new single, ‘Tooth & Nail‘ and the song’s companion video Thursday. The song and its video are the second from the band’s forthcoming album, This Is It…The End of Everything, which is schedule for release July 28 through Spinefarm Records. The band premiered the record’s lead single, ‘A Million Miles’ and its companion video last month.

The musical arrangement featured in ‘Tooth & Nail’ boasts the same sort of aggro-rock style approach as ‘A Million Miles’ It is just as easily comparable, to that end, to works from the likes of the band’s fellow up-and-coming hard rock act, Another Day Dawns. Even with the similarities to ADD’s work and Saul’s own work, the song in mind, the band’s new single still boasts its own identity separate from those works, making for plenty of engagement and entertainment.

According to front man Blake Bedsaul, the song’s lyrical theme is a sociopolitical commentary.

“Plain and simple — the world is fucked,” Bedsaul said. “”We’ve all been too complacent to do anything about it. We vote in the richest, oldest, most crooked politicians to run our country into the ground and stand around wondering what happened. Wake up. It’s time for a change. We won’t stand idly by as everything we know and love turns to ash for a political agenda. We will be standing and fighting ‘TOOTH AND NAIL.’”

The video for the new single is a unique presentation. It features the band in what looks like some sort of greenhouse in which plants are growing. the band is performing its single among the plant life as the song plays over the visualization.

In other news, Saul will serve as support for Memphis May Fire’s 2-week summer North American tour in July alongside Secret and Norma Jean. The bands’ tour schedule is noted below:


7/1 — Thompson, CT — Capulet Fest
7/2 — Portland, ME  —  State Theatre
7/3 — Elmira, NY  —  The L
7/5 — Columbus, OH  —  The King of Clubs
7/7 — Charleston, SC  —  Music Farm
7/8 — Orlando, FL  —  The Beacham Theater
7/9 — Gainesville, FL  —  High Dive
7/11 — Mobile, AL  —  Soul Kitchen Music Hall
7/12 — Memphis, TN  —  Growlers
7/14 — Cadott, WI — Rock Fest*
*Saul Only

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