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Kurt Baker Announces New Album’s Release Date; Debuts Album’s Second Single, Video

July 28 — Singer-songwriter Kurt Baker will release his new album, Rock ‘N’ Roll Club, this fall.

Baker announced Friday, his latest album is now scheduled for release Sept. 29 through Wicked Cool Records. Pre-orders are open.

In anticipation of the album’s release, Baker debuted the album’s second single, its title track, and the song’s companion video Friday. The premiere came more than two months after Baker premiered the album’s lead single, ‘Anchors Up‘ and its video.

The musical arrangement featured in the album’s title track is a fun, infectious rock and roll composition. The garage rock leanings are well-balanced throughout the song with its more pop-leaning influence for a whole that is entirely engaging and entertaining. By comparison to ‘Anchor’s Up’ the style is much more poppy in its approach but just as enjoyable, making both songs their own welcome additions to Baker’s new album.

Baker spoke at length about the song’s lyrical theme during a recent interview.

“‘Rock N Roll Club’ is an ode to the live music venue – most notably, the dingy, dark, stale beer-smelling, sticker/poster-adorned walls of your local rock n’ roll club,” Baker said. “Where the music is always loud, the drinks are cheap(ish), and there are always great bands to be seen and friends to meet. Unfortunately in this day in age, The Rock N Roll club is an almost dying institution and this is sad. These clubs are the places where we’ve grown up, discovered our world of music, and have always let us musicians use their stages to play our songs. We still go there as fans too, to watch our friends and discover new acts. Without them, Rock N Roll – Punk – Alternative culture wouldn’t survive. I vividly remember my first time going to a real Rock N Roll club called The Skinny – now Geno’s, which coincidentally, the cover of the new album was shot. My world was changed in the best way possible because I finally felt like I could go somewhere where I belonged.

Baker continued, “This song is dedicated to Kip Brown, who wrote the song but passed away before ever completing it and recording it himself. Groups like Mott the Hoople, Kiss, and the Stooges were the inspiration musically. Under his musical and spiritual guidance from above, I finished up the track with Little Steven and KB Band in the studio, and we are honored to present it to you now, the title track, from the upcoming record – “Rock N Roll Club”. Peace and Love.”

According to Baker, the video that accompanies his new single was shot during the group’s most recent tour in Spain, which took place in March of this year.

“The ‘Rock N Roll Club’ is a collection of homemade and fan-shot footage from our incredible tour in Spain this past year,” he said of the clip. “It had been 10 years since the KB Band had toured in Spain together and we were received so well by the amazing friends and fans we have in that country. Every night we’d play Rock N Roll clubs – wild nights filled with laughs, dancing, and more important, the rock n roll music that makes our world go round. Enjoy the clip!”

In other news, Kurt Baker is in the midst of a series of live dates in support of his new album. The next of his planned live dates is Sept. 29 in Boston, MA. The concert (and another to follow Sept. 30) is an album release performance. Baker has also announced a series of live dates in Japan Oct. 22-28. Another concert is planned for Nov. 24 in Portland, ME.

All of Baker’s upcoming dates re noted below:

Upcoming shows:

9/29 – Boston, MA TBA Album Release Party

9/30 – New York, NY TBA Album Release Party

Oct 22th Halloween Ball at LOFT SHINJUKU. TOKYO

Oct 25th at Livehaus SHIMOKITAZAWA. TOKYO

Oct 26th at Top Beat Club TOKYO

Oct 27th at Top Beat Club TOKYO

Oct 28th at OYS NAGOYA

11/24 – Portland, ME @ Geno’s Rock Club


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