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Semisonic announces New Album Details; Debuts Album’s Third Single, Video

Aug. 1 — Semisonic will tentatively release its first new album in more than 20 years this year.

The band announced Tuesday, it is scheduled to release its new album, Little Bit of Sun, Nov. 3. The 12-song record will feature guest appearances from Jason Isbell and My Morning Jacket front man Jim James.

In anticipation of the record’s release, the band unveiled its third single, ‘The Rope‘ and the song’s companion video Tuesday. Its premiere follows those of the album’s first two singles, ‘Grow Your Own‘ and the album’s title track.

The song’s musical arrangement is a light poppy composition whose vocals and instrumentation are certain to make the song an earworm for any listener.

Interestingly enough, as light and upbeat as the song’s arrangement is, its lyrical theme is quite the opposite, according to front man Dan Wilson.

“I knew it was good, but I wasn’t so sure ‘The Rope’ was a Semisonic song – until we ran through it in rehearsal and it roared from beginning to end like a freight train passing by,” Wilson said. “The lyrics are like an ode to Los Angeles disguised as a breakup-with-regrets song – a lot of songwriters would love to break up with LA so it makes sense to me.”

The video for ‘The Rope’ is a unique presentation. It follows a woman who is walking her dog in a park as the song plays over the visualization. The dog gets away from the woman but eventually searches for her and finds its way back to her in the end. The story is an interesting artistic presentation meant to help illustrate the theme discussed by Wilson.

Little Bit Of Sun is Semisonic’s first new music since the release of its EP, You’re Not Alone in 2020 and its first album since the release of its 2001 album, All About Chemistry. The track listing for Little Bit of Sun is noted below:

Little Bit Of Sun tracklist:

1) Little Bit of Sun

2) The Rope

3) Grow Your Own

4) Don’t Fade Away

5) Keep Me In Motion

6) All The Time

7) If You Say So

8) Out of the Dirt

9) It Wasn’t Like We Hoped It Would Be

10) So Amazed

11) Only Empathy

12) Beautiful Sky

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