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Strike Master Unveils New Album’s Cover Art, Debuts Album’s Third Single

Aug. 8 — Independent thrash metal band Strike Master is continuing to build excitement for the release of its forthcoming album, Tangram Apocalypse.

The band revealed the cover art for the album, which is scheduled for release Sept. 1, Tuesday, along with the album’s latest single, ‘Prototype God.’ The song is the album’s third single behind ‘Black to the Future‘ and the record’s lead single, ‘Crystallized.’

As with its predecessors, the albums’ latest single is a driving, intense composition whose buzzsaw fast guitars, solid time-keeping and equally powerful vocals once again conjure thoughts of works from Slayer and to a slightly lesser degree, Chimaira. While the arrangement shows just as much influence from Slayer as the album’s other singles, it still boasts its own identity separate from those works, adding even more to the building interest around the new album.

No information was provided about the new single in the news release announcing the premiere of the band’s new single.

The full track listing for Strike Master’s new album is noted below:


Here Comes the Incubus
We die Tonight
Lost within Compass
Heavy Metal
Black to the Future
Prototype God
Save the Fire

More information on Strike Master’s new album and single is available along with all of the band’s latest news at: