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Ancient Settlers’ New Single, ‘Mihi Nomen Est Ira’ Available Now To Stream, Download


Feb. 22 — Independent metal act Ancient Settlers’ new single, ‘Mihi Nomen Est Ira’ is officially available to stream and download.

The band officially released its new single, ‘Mihi Nomen Est Ira‘ Wednesday. The single’s release came less than a month after the band premiered the single’s video. ‘Mihi Nomen Est Ira’ is featured in the band’s forthcoming EP, Transition, which is scheduled for release in May, with an exact release date under consideration.

The new record’s track listing is noted below.

Transition Tracklisting:
1. A New World Order. (Feat. Dalay Tarda)
2. Mihi Nomen Est Ira. (Feat. Pintxo Wayewta).
3. The Circle. (Feat. Andres Pestana).
4. Modern Travelers. 

Transitions‘ release will come more than a year after the release of the band’s then latest studio recording, its 2022 album, Our Last Eclipse.

The title for the band’s new single is Latin and roughly translated to English, means ‘My Name Is Anger.’ It is a fitting title, considering the sense of aggression that fills the song’s musical arrangement.

The performance of new vocalist Argen Death (Vile-Hex) pairs with the overall instrumentation to easily make the arrangement comparable to works from the likes of Arch Enemy. At the same time, the more melodic moments in the song lends themselves to comparison to works from Arch Enemy’s fellow Swedish rock act, Soilwork. The arrangement features a guest appearance by bassist Pinxto Wayetwa to enhance the composition even more.

No lyrics were provided with the song and the video, but according to information in the news release announcing the single’s release, the song’s theme is an anti-war commentary. According to the document, the theme was inspired by the conflict taking place in Europe right now.

The video that accompanies the single is its own interesting presentation. It features the band’s members in various settings, such as an abandoned junkyard, a location underneath and bridge and others, performing the new single as the song plays over the visualization. Meanwhile Argen Death, dressed in a distinctively goth outfit akin to something that In This Moment front woman Maria Brink might wear as she performs her portion of the song against a black backdrop in a studio setting.

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