MusicMilliseconds Announces New Album Details; Debuts Album’s Lead Single

Milliseconds Announces New Album Details; Debuts Album’s Lead Single


Aug. 10 — Independent rock outfit Milliseconds will release its debut album, So This Is How It Happens this fall.

In anticipation of its release, the band — which is composed of members of The Dismemberment Plan and The Vehicle Birth — unveiled the album’s lead single, ‘Time and Distance’ Thursday through Stereogum. The new single’s musical arrangement presents a sound and style that is somewhat comparable to works from the likes of Jimmy Eat World and other perhaps lesser-known various emp pop acts.

No information about the song’s lyrical theme was presented in the news release announcing the coming album’s pending release and the debut of its lead single. Band member Eric Axelson discussed the song’s lyrical theme in the band’s interview with Stereogum, explaining the song’s theme centers on connections that we have with family and friends and the role of social media therein. Audiences can read Axelson’s explanation for themselves at the link provided above.

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