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Silent Skies Debuts Video For New Album’s Second Single, ‘Churches’


Aug. 2 — Silent Skies, the side project of Evergrey front man Tom S. Englund and pianist/composer Vikram Shankar (who are also members of the prog-metal band Redemption), unveiled the video for its latest single, ‘Churches,’ Wednesday.

‘Churches’ and its video are the second from Silent Skies’ forthcoming album, Dormant, which is scheduled for release Sept. 1 through Napalm Records. The duo debuted the album’s lead single, ‘Construct,‘ and its video late last month.

The video for ‘Churches’ is, stylistically, very similar to that for ”Construct.’ That is because it is a collage type presentation featuring Shankar on the keyboards in a studio setting while Englund is out and about. Instead of being out in nature, this time Englund is shown driving a car to an unknown destination as he performs his vocals. The pair’s new single plays over the collective visualization.

The musical arrangement featured in ‘Churches’ is a much more contemplative, emotional work than that featured in ‘Construct.’ Where the album’s lead single is contemplative in its own right, it bears a bit of a synthwave type approach and sound akin to works that Daft Punk crafted for Disney’s Tron: Legacy soundtrack, this new single is much more melancholy work, even in its simplicity.

That melancholy nature is translated just as well through the song’s lyrical theme, which comes across as centering on the all-too-familiar theme of a broken relationship. The duo had the following to say of the song’s lyrical theme:

“As always, the subject of the lyrics is open to interpretation: but whether you view it as a love song between two parties, a dialogue with your inner self, or something else entirely, we welcome you to approach the idea of ‘Churches’ in a metaphorical and poetic sense. We hope this song inspires introspection and encourages a quest for inner truth.”

Dormant is Silent Skies’ third album. Nectar, the duo’s sophomore offering, was released in 2022. It was preceded by the duo’s debut album, Satellites in 2020. Dormant‘s track listing is noted below along with all of the platforms through which it will release.

Dormant tracklisting:

  1. Construct
  2. New Life
  3. Churches
  4. Just Above The Clouds
  5. Reset
  6. Tides
  7. The Real Me
  8. Light Up The Dark
  9. Dormant
  10. The Last On Earth
  11. The Trooper (Bonus Track)
  12. Dancing In The Dark (Bonus Track)
  13. Numb (Bonus Track)

Dormant will be available in the following formats:
1CD Digisleeve
2LP Gatefold BLACK
Digital Album

In April, Silent Skies also released a cover of Linkin Park’s hit single, ‘Numb‘, along with a companion visualizer. The song is featured in Nectar.

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